Margot Gelber







Originally from Houston, TX, Margot Gelber began her training as a competitive gymnast. She then attended the High School for Performing and Visual Arts, where she began her choreographic pursuits. She went on to further her dance training and choreographic endeavors at The Boston Conservatory under the direction of Yasuko Tokunaga and Cathy Young. Upon graduating from the Conservatory she joined Ate9 Dance Company in Los Angeles California. In 2014, Gelber was commissioned to set her work In finite space as the inaugural presentation of The Boston Conservatory Dance Division's Alumni Commissioning Project.  Gelber’s work was selected and featured at the 2014 Boston Contemporary Dance Festival. In 2015 she was selected as The Houston Metropolitan Dance Companies Emerging Choreographer as well as an awardee of Elizabeth Streb’s GO!Emerging Artist Commissioning Program. In 2016, Gelber has presented work at the Austin Dance Festival and The San Francisco Conservatory of Dance Summer Dance series. Most recently, she was selected as one of Bates Dance Festivals 2016 Emerging Choreographers. 



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         Maggie Foster-Dancer                                        Gabriel Lawton-Dancer

         Marlie Couto-Dancer                                         Taylor Rodman-Dancer

         Curtis Thomas-Dancer                                        Jasmine Chui-Dancer

         Robbie Moore-Dancer                                         Michael Figueroa-Dancer

         Caitlyn Taylor-Dancer                                       Hannah Wendel-Dancer

         Matthew Ortner-Dancer                                       Lindsay Harwell-Dancer

         Lauren Berthelot-Photography                                Jacob Hiss- Videographer










  • Boston Conservatory Alumni Commissioning Project 2014
  • Boston Contemporary Dance Festival 2014
  • Go! Strep Emerging Artist Residency 
  • Houston Met Dance Emerging Choreographer 2015
  • Austin Contemporary Dance Festival 2016
  • San Francisco Conservatory of Dance Summer Dance Series 2016
  • Emerging Choreographer Bates Dance Festival 2016
  • DanceNow Raw Dance Showing 2017
  • Boston Dance Festival 2017
  • Houston Met Dance "Where the Heart is" 2017




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